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Hi, Leslie and Community!

I have two related items of interest to share:

1) As I see it, cultural Marxism is the culmination of an ongoing agenda which has been rolling out for over a century. I recommend reading Charlotte Iserbyt's "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" (http://deliberatedumbingdown.com/ddd/). It is her collected paper trail of original documents from within the US Dept. Ed. along with her commentary. While I do not necessarily fall in line with her interpretation, it was such a relief to finally read these source documents.

2) I have experience with 12-step recovery. Central to addiction recovery is the airing and relinquishment of RESENTMENT. As I understand it, Marxism is built upon a foundation of RESENTMENT. I have witness relapses and "dry alcoholic" behavior from those addicts who embrace cultural Marxism.

In my youth, I was highly motivated to learn, test reality, apply new knowledge. My experience of public school in the 1970's and 80's felt like an assault on my soul. I always aced my tests, since I listened to the teachers the first time. However, my grades - which have always been "alphabet soup" - were based on completing busy work which didn't seem to me to be providing any service to the world. Having read Orwell's 1984 when I was twelve years old, I was sensitized to potential influence from authoritarian agenda which I hadn't consented. In junior high school, I intuitive picked up the fact that the curriculum was being pipe-lined from some outside source. My parents trusted the "system". I did not. Eventually, I was worn down and capitulated. I adopted the incorrect assumption that my peers and elders must know something which I didn't by which I could eventually reconcile my internalized conflict. It wasn't until 2006 that I discovered John Taylor Gatto and Iserbyt, both of whom confirmed and validated my original suspicions.

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This is a pretty thorough analysis of the CRT interpretations in schools. As I said in the commends under the video, I worked with an early "woke" teacher who told his first graders how terrible the state of Israel is (and Jewish parents asked to have their child put in a different class) and how the white teachers who don't acknowledge our "'privilege" are teaching lies. Meanwhile, I caught him cheating, changing kids' answers on the math tests. I didn't let it go by.

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The mission statement is for masochists. New institutions are necessary. If you would like to come to Western Maine to start a reactionary educational institution we would love to have you.

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"My pronouns are I/you/we. Third person pronouns start gossip. Gossip erodes community."

Hi, Leslie and Community!

I had this thought (above) last week after listening to Solid Ground conversation with Carob Bartholomew, finding her channel, and then listening to her interview with Qiru Walder about her experience of Mao's cultural revolution in China.

I have listened to a number of individuals who used to live under totalitarian tyranny, including ones I have known personally. One essential common feature of the establishment of such a system which I have noted is the habituation of rumor, innuendo, and the eventual reporting-of-ones-neighbors to "authorities".

In light of this, I am adopting the mental hygiene practice reserving the use of third person pronouns to when they are actually necessary, such as when referring to authors, journalists, and other content creators with whom I do not have direct contact, and then only as a source of material, as in "he/she/they said that ... in [insert source] on [insert date]". Or in the case that someone comes to me for perspective in working out their relationship with someone else, and in which case I would never deign to insert myself into said.

Another experience which has contributed to this perspective is a bullying dynamic which I observed when I worked at a Boys & Girls Club nearly 20 years ago - a dynamic to which I had been oblivious in my own childhood. I named it the "Three Girls Game", as it was nearly exclusively exhibited by girls. I do not intend to be sexist, and the name doesn't matter as much as the dynamic it identifies.

1) Child A approaches child B and says "I like you. We should be best friends.". Immediately followed by ...

2) Child A points to child C and says to child B "She's no good. Let's not play with her."

3) Children A and B commence to play together in the presence of child C. Even if they go off together for a while, they circle back to reinforce their exclusion of child C.

One day, I witnessed this behavior during free time shortly after the children arrived. One of the girls - the excluded one - was crying alone in the corner. As I centered into my intuition - NOT my problem-solving mind - I approached her, and asked her what was wrong.

She said "Nothing." As she continued to sob. I then asked her if she was playing the "Three Girls Game". She asked "What's that?". I answered with a question: "Are those two playing together, and leaving you out on purpose?". She replied with a nod "Yes.". I told her "Well. That's the 'Three Girls Game'.", followed by "There are a lot of children here who do not play the 'Three Girls Game'.". She then inquired, "Who are they?". To which I replied "I'm not sure; but, you will know when you find them."

Within five minutes after that, she was at the Lego table where others playing with them, no longer tormented by the perceived withholding of love.

It was such an honor to be of service that day, to allow miraculous communication to come through me, to help a child give a name to one of the ills of this world, and then for her to have the power to either hold on to it, or to divorce herself from it.

The point as it relates to this comment: Child C is the third person. It is undignified and un-dignifying to relegate another human being to third person.

My pronouns are "I/you/we".

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Thank you so much for this. A friend shared your YouTube channel with me yesterday. I was in a masters of clinical mental health counseling program that I graduated from in 2020 at Rollins college. That’s in Winter Park Florida. At the time, I was shellshocked with all of the injustices and feeling like the weight of it all was on my shoulders. The critical social justice theory open my eyes to some things I hadn’t thought about before. But something also felt a little off about it all and I could never quite put my finger on it. Fast forward now that it’s three years later everything that you’ve been saying has been milling about in my mind in various ways as well.

Isn’t the whole point of equality just that? How can we get there if we keep putting everyone in racial gender sexuality categories. It’s all about corruot giv having more power and invading even more dimensions of privacy. The more boxes we add to check, the more divicive and destructive culture becomes.

I chose not to get licensed because of the writing on the wall I was seeing. I saw how I would be shamed in my own profession for not being vaccinated. I saw how I would be coerced into viewing anyone who likes Trump as racist or even evil. I am neither rep. or dem. I had to hide my independent, criticism of government corruption views. I felt that if I were to get licesned I would be constantly watched and policed for my views. ! How can I be of any real help when that is the case. … I am so happy that I chose to have my own coaching business. I have strong boundaries, ethics, and compassion. I love my clients - and see them as human, with no preconceived ideas about how they should view themselves or projections of pity, powerlessness, or shame.

I love what you are doing. So grateful for your work.

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This is a recent interview by Mikhaila Peterson with Chris Beck: https://youtu.be/NQnCTp7-NwY

Early on in the interview, Chris mentions that he was enrolled in mental health counseling program - which he left for the same reasons mentioned on this site. He also has insider experience traversing the recent gender identity landscape.

In my estimation, he has a healthy, caring, insightful attitude towards humanity.

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Thanks for posting this!

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Thank you for this article. I am only now discovering it. You did not know because the promoters of this dangerous ideology (Critical Social Justice) are not transparent about naming what they mean when they use terms and concepts that seem familiar to many of us. When questions are asked or clarity is requested, those seeking it are deemed pariahs that must be eliminated. Keep exposing this toxicity and raising awareness! I also have an article outlining my encounters with it and naming various approaches to DEI work that you may find useful. Race Ideology-in-Practice: Racial Equity in American Learning Environments - https://freeblackthought.substack.com/p/race-ideology-in-practice

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Well, said.

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Caveat: In order to develop wisdom, it is not sufficient to know about phenomena, but to actually live through them. I acknowledge that this is precisely what is happening for Leslie in the experiences she shares here at the radical center. Because her unique journey resonates with mine, I can relate to the experiences shared here. While I do not claim to have "answers", I feel compelled to share perspective.

I have a metaphysical innerstanding as to the nature of the social justice movement:

As we are transitioning from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius, unresolved traumas from the prior age are surfacing into order to wrap up incomplete karmic lessons. I see the social justice movement as a reincarnation - an echo - of prior patterns of human sacrifice such as those practiced during the inquisitions in Europe, the burning of witches. [I am aware that there are other historical instances of large scale human sacrifice on other continents; however, I am coming from a Euro-centric cultural perspective.] Ultimately, there are not "the good" and "the bad"; but rather, roles being enacted in order for Creation to know itself.

One teacher who has helped me to make sense is Matias DeStefano, who informs us that the theme of Pisces is "empathy", while the Aquarian theme is "freedom". He teaches that we are to outgrow provincial morality and to move into universal coherence. https://youtu.be/YXxClt1Ob0c

More recently, I have benefited from another teacher, Sarah Elkhaldy. I have been struggling for a long time to make sense as to the apparent strangle hold which non-empathetic power brokers appear to have on the leadership in this world, and why would humanity concede to such forces? In a recent lesson, she explains that these players are the manifestation of "involution", which is the counter-part to "evolution". https://youtu.be/rkxfrN86kZA

I have discovered that, in order to move forward, I need to embrace the recognition that everything in the world which either terrifies me or delights me is but a reflection of what I contain. War ends not through denial, nor destruction, but through integration.

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Where do things stand with Antioch, Leslie? Did you secure strong legal representation and arrive at a satisfactory resolution?

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Hi! I just wanted to check in and let you know that I am still enjoying ALL of your conversations on YouTube... as an anonymous user. I am no longer posting comments on that platform. I am using a de-googled phone now, and continue to use Linux for my PC. Due to my lack of informed consent, I am - to the best of my ability - deliberately withholding access to my data from authorities to whom I have not given any.

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I stopped reading early on in the piece because the premise is wrong. Just because others use the phrase social justice wrong does not change its meaning. I skimmed to make sure the piece did not redeem itself. There are some good points in the piece despite this flaw.

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