Brilliant as always. I agree that it is important to characterize what this professor and her legion are doing to us as psychological abuse. Frankly, if they could outright kills us I believe they would. In totalitarianism, first attempts are made to build the power base. Next comes psychological warfare to expand that base and marginalize enemies as control measures increase. Next comes violence.

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At the end you offer a humble defense. I find you to be an extremely credible spokesperson. This is an important contribution to our field. Thank you for helping us.

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The simple take-away in this, is this is an issue of Authoritarian Education versus a more Democratic or Consultative Education. You boarded a 'Cruise Ship' having paid considerable fees, and now youre the Captains virtual prisoner who, when finding youre questioning their seamanship, villainizes the passenger doing so, rather than entertaining the questions and arguments made as valid.

If this Professor was instead in a Therapist/Client scenario, they would be forced to behave in a more consultative and less authoritarian manner since, if you as the client had legitimate philisophical differences of opinion, could simply get up and walk out the door.

So my major point here as a recent former student elsewhere, is I believe that colleges in general are becoming noticeably more authoritarian in the manner they instruct and deal with students, rather than a supportive and non-judgemental manner that tends to be more conducive to learning.

It is sad that higher education seems to have come down to this crypto-fascist existence, and that if anything is to improve, light must be shown on ALL of it so that we can move forward as a society and not backwards. Thank you again, Leslie, for all your great work here!

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I would love to have Leslie on my show. I host a show called Redacted which you can find on YouTube.com/RedactedNews If you are able to pass along my email address it would be greatly appreciated. clayton@redacted.inc

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Holy mackerel. The way she at one point responds to your expressed frustration by essentially saying "Frustrated? Now you know how THEY feel! Learn from it!", which is just petty and cruel. And retributive, to borrow your term.

Kudos to you for being straight with her about her lack of professionalism. She clearly couldn't handle it.

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I would be glad to join you on your show to talk about this further. https://rumble.com/v1v93d2-my-stories-of-critical-social-justice-contamination-and-administrator-polit.html One of my examples addressed your suspicion that this is a centrally planned contamination.

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Leslie, I'm the guy who told you on YouTube that you were so close to graduation that you should just play the game and graduate and then do the right things once you are out in the world. Obviously you are way to honorable to go that route. And look how that character trait has worked out for you. You can basically call your own shots from here on out. I think your 15 minutes of fame will last a lot longer then that. (Which you absolutely deserve) You now have a small army of followers and supporters and financial contributors.

It is so ironic that YouTube, which is a bastion of censorship, has helped you so much to get your message out. I love that. There is no shortage of people who need your knowledge and wisdom. I do hope however, that you don't allow the Liberal...Progressive....loony birds to bog you down with their intractable mental problems once you start your business. There are more than enough normal people with normal problems for you to attend to. It is very true that you can't save the world so don't waste your time on those who can't be saved because they are already too far gone.

Here is an example. This poor wretched soul is forever lost in her ideology.


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You absolutely have to read Adolph Reed. He and Walter Michaels write a lot together. Michaels' talk titled "The Trouble With Diversity: How We Learned To Love Identity And Ignore Inequality," should be required viewing for everyone - including woke counseling professors who are weaponing professional middle class identity politics against the majority of Americans... and calling it "left wing."

The Trouble With Diversity: How We Learned To Love Identity And Ignore Inequality


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